• Dentist chair

• Orin’s Nitro Helmet

• Orin’s Severed Arm

• Orin’s Intestines

• Orin’s Bloody Smock

• Seymour’s Bloody Apron

• Tooth Decay photo

• Musnik’s flower shop bags. One for Seymour to put his  gun in, the rest to hang on the set.

• Two boxes of Flower seeds for set decoration

• Three Wino bottles

• Butcher package of Roast beef

• Machete

• Dictionary

• Rat Poison Can

• Mushnik’s appointment ledger

• Closed/Open sign for front door

• Mushnik’s magnifying Glass

• Mushnik’s Camera

• Half eaten hamburger for skid row bum

• Plant pray bottle

• Prop money

• Five Red telephones

• Vintage typewriter

• Skip Snip’s Briefcase

• Mushnik’s Cash register (Adding machine)

• Dental equipment, meat Hammer, rat tail file, pruning  shears, nut cracker, rusty salad tongs, medical tray

• Flower arrangement for Mrs. Shiva

• Two Dozen Red Beauty Roses

• Watering Can

• Seymour’s flower pot tray

• 3 Flower pots for Seymour to drop

• Extra pots to drop

• Three Monsters Magazines

• Vintage portable Radio

• Urchin, 3 pairs of gloves

• Urchin, 3 pairs s, Goggles

• Urchin, 3 pairs of Sunglasses

• Two Florist bags for the Dutch Pavilion & JapaneseConsulate

• Large bag of assorted dead flowers

• Extra large basg of assorted fresh flowers


Set Rental


Staged Cinema Productions

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Set Rental


We ‍‍‍can email you a pdf with photos of the props.

We h‍‍‍ave the entire show in our prop cases.