FEBRUARY 8th - MARCH 17th, 2019


"We came here to make a moving picture, but we've found something worth all the movies in the world."   -Carl Denham

This is not a musical, it's a lighthearted take on the classic film from the writer director of Night of the Living Dead, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, and The Killer Angels. Together with Maverick Light & Magic audiences will experience a show unlike anything the world has seen before, the eighth wonder of the world, KONG!

STORYLINE: Director Carl Denham learns of a mysterious island and a legend of a beast known as "Kong". Determined to uncover the myth, he puts together an expedition to capture his discovery on film. "They'll have to invent new adjectives to describe my picture!" Denham isn't making a mere documentary, his picture has a theme, beauty and the beast. Shortly after locating Skull Island the inhabitants take beauty to Kong a gigantic ape that rules the island and its prehistoric wildlife. But as fate would tell, Kong's affection for beauty deceives him and he must now face his worst enemy, a civilized world.  

The play is based on the Delos W. Lovelace novel, which is the same storyline and dialogue from the original film with only minor changes and additions. The show will have a lighthearted tongue-in-cheek feel but all the characters will be played honest and as true to the original.

Suitable or ages 6 and up.


Carl Denham: Paul Zelhart

Ann Darrow: Kalinda Gray

Jack Driscoll: Jake Kilroy

Capt. Englehorn: Glenn Freeze

Weston/Native King: Scotty Keister

Jimmy/Mabel: Donny Van horn

Witch Doctor: John Castro

Lumpy: Joe Sanders



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